A Cold Weather Guide to Packing for a Wintery Cruise in the U.S

A Cold Weather Guide to Packing for a Wintery Cruise in the U.S

You have to ensure that you don’t wholly trust the weather forecast. You do need to check the forecast before you leave, but you also need to prepare for the weather mishaps. Polar cruises in the United States can be especially challenging to figure out since the temperatures can drop and rise at any time. So, ensure that you pack for both the higher and lower temperatures. You don’t want to be freezing your butt off in your Antarctica cruise if there is a cold front move overnight, nor do you want to end up with nothing but fleece when the weather turns unexpectedly warm.

Remember that your extremities are essential. Most people tend to mostly focus on the expedition jackets when on the luxury Arctic cruises, overlooking the accessories. However, in those freezing Antarctica tours, it is your extremities that will suffer the most. So, pack a pair of warm gloves, a scarf, hat and earmuffs – you’ll be astonished on the difference these simple accessories will make on your polar expedition.

Heat packs will also come in handy so don’t ignore them. For some satisfying Arctic tours, having some heat packs will make your life easier. They will not only be useful for your chilly fingers but also help keep your electronics in a suitably warm environment –sometimes; freezing temperatures can drain batteries in record time.

Ultimately, knowing what to pack for your Antarctica travel could mean the difference between braving the unforgettable cruise with clenched teeth or having the most exhilarating and enjoyable adventure in your lifetime. So pack smart!

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